Our Coaches

Caledon Equestrian School has wonderful coaches. Our Head Coach, Francesca Kelf, started with us as a  youngster from the age of 8. Growing up in a safe and structured program has given both coaches a solid base from which they have developed a clear understanding of our system. Our coaches also took part in our coaching program which includes an intensive training course and a one year apprenticeship. There is no doubt our coaches are a big part of Caledon Equestrian School’s success. They  love the opportunity to share that passion with so many new and developing riders.

So let’s meet these wonderful and caring coaches!

Our  Coaches:

Francesca Bruno

Francesca started at CES many years ago. She rode once a week and quickly realized she wanted to work with animals and children.  She teaches all ages and levels of riders in the school and obviously loves what she does! Francesca is an excellent, supportive and clear coach, establishing the best  rider skills in all her students. Fran has been with CES for 20 years and reflects that commitment in everything she does. We are lucky to have Fran on our team!  Francesca works daily with her Thoroughbred mare, Val,  and schools all the CES horses weekly. 

 Apprentice Coaches

Shylah Hoppie is one of our up and coming Apprentice Coaches. Shylah finished our intensive coaching course last summer and has really developed excellent coaching skills since then. Her thoroughness at all her jobs, ensures her students are getting the best  and most correct information. Welcome to the team Shylah!