2024 Course

 July 1st-Jul 5th

Coaching Preparation Programs

Coaching Preparation courses are offered during camps. Course work is studied in the morning where students learn about lesson planning, coaching skills, rider development and teaching tools. The afternoon session provides actual hands on teaching. Candidates are invited back as much as they want, to work with a variety of rider levels.

When possible, the school will hold exams for the students who have gone through the coaching program. Most of the students have grown up with Caledon Equestrian School. Their teaching skills are well established by having received correct teaching techniques from their first riding lessons. That technique produces excellent coaches and disciplined riders.

 Caledon Equestrian School produces some of the best Instructor Level coaches in Ontario. Our coaches are prime examples of a successful coaching program.

$400 plus HST – Contact Susan for more details!

Monday-Thursday 9am-3pm, Friday 9am-12pm