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End of Summer /23


Arghhh how can that be! The end of summer? Painful words and I am still waiting for July! I hope everyone had a safe and fun summer and if it went by in a blink, then that is proof we all had a great time!

We have had a full slate of summer camps successfully run by Madison and assisted by Cheyenne. I hope we will be seeing many returning campers to our lesson program as it seems like all the kids had a great time learning about horses and caring for them. That learning process was aided by many new Camp Counselors and our new apprentice coaches. Thanks to all of you for ensuring the campers had a safe and fantastic time at our barn! Read on for our busy fall Schedule events


Fall Session Start Date

We will be starting our fall session on Tuesday September 5th. Please text (9055842022) or email us about your lesson time if you are unsure. If you haven’t let us know you are returning, we can’t guarantee a spot for you. It is always a challenge to find suitable times for each class level  but I think we are well on track!



Please note that payment is on an honor system with e transfers sent on the 1st of the month. Please be absolutely sure to put the student’s name and ride time in the message box so I can be sure you get credit for your payment. There is a $25 late fee for any fees sent after the 15th of the month. And remember, because we do not charge for any extra lessons in months w/ 5 weeks we do not offer makeups. Christmas will not affect our schedule this year and we hold regular classes all year regardless of other holidays. Thank-you for your cooperation!



We are offering another Intro to Working Equitation clinic on October 1st. We will be following up with a small Working Equitation Show on October 29th. Depending on demand we will be having working Equitation classes every Sunday during October. Stay tuned for more information. One thing I can guarantee – it will be lots of fun and a wonderful opportunity to apply our riding basics in a new and challenging way!

November will be Horse Communication month with Anne Gage. Again on Sundays, we will be learning all about how to improve our communication with the horse on the ground. Anne has been giving clinics here for years so it is a super opportunity to develop our ground work communication skills!


Show Team

We had a small but mighty Show Team this summer. 5 riders went to 2 Teen Ranch Shows and had a blast. It was a great way to rev up our engines for next year. We will be having a larger show team and we plan on attending all 6 Teen Ranch shows. Once you are established in your walk trot and canter skills you are eligible to join us. Of course,  you also have to attend our  home shows in June and December to have a taste of showing. It is a great team and something to work towards for next summer!


Rider Levels

We follow the National Rider Level Program and this year we will be actually preparing and testing any riders who want to get certified in the Program. All coaches and any riders who are interested should take advantage of this mini course. We are hoping to offer it on biweekly Fridays but are open to doing small Sunday clinics as well. Please discuss what works for you with any of the coaches. But definitely join us as it provides a Nationally recognized level system for all riders.


Equine Assisted Learning

EAL is a program using horses, designed to improve teamwork, communication and leadership skills between people in a work or family environment. We are so pleased to have Maud Revel, from New HorseRizons, join us here at CES to bring her program  to our school for corporations, couples and families. Everyone can benefit from EAL. We will be offering Family Night, Date Night and corporate events during the fall. Stay tuned for dates and be sure to take advantage of this opportunity to improve your family or corporate dynamics!


First Aid Course

We are offering a Human First Aid Course this fall. It is mostly online with an in-house day at the end. Christine Trotzmer has been keeping us all certified for years and as a horse person she can direct the course to include farm injuries. Current first Aid is mandatory for all coaches but it definitely is a big asset for everyone. Please contact us to sign up.


Part Boarding

We are continuing to offer part boarding (2 practice rides, 1 lesson) and quarter boarding (1 practice ride, 1 lesson) for any rider who is established in walk, trot and canter. It is great to work with one horse consistently and be responsible for that horse. Let us know if you are interested in joining the program.


Management Announcement

I am thrilled to introduce Madison Dronfield as our new CES Manager. Madison is a certified and licensed Coach and has been reserve Champion on the Trillium Show Circuit. Many of you already know how wonderful she is, after seeing her run the camp and lesson program here all summer. It was definitely a huge load and Maddy never missed a beat!  Her pleasant and happy personality is just the ticket to guide our school forward. We are very lucky to have her on board and look forward to a busy and successful fall season! You can text Maddy at 9055842022 for any questions regarding the school or scheduling and she will be happy to help you out.


As always, I am amazed at this wonderful school and all the people in it who make it so. I am especially excited to have Madison on our team. I am confident she will continue to set the bar of an inclusive and happy place to share Horse Love! It has been 45 years of lots of ups and downs, but never lacking in joy or satisfaction of making a dream come true! Thanks to all of you for sharing that dream with me!





















Summer/23 #2

What a great summer! Summer camps have been a lot of fun and so many new and returning campers have developed their horse knowledge. Thanks to our great coaches Madison and Cheyenne and all our wonderful helpers for making the camp experience so much fun for our campers!

We’ve had such a busy summer. Between camp help prep and show prep clinics, the barn has been hopping! We also held a great coaching course with 3 new wonderful apprentice coaches joining our program.
It has been exciting to see the development of the students’ knowledge and skill – from becoming great camp counselors to learning about coaching skills and applying those skills to our campers. As always, that is what we are about – providing a platform to learn about horses and all that is involved in the horse world!
Show Team
We had our show team compete for the first time at Teen Ranch this year. It was great to be back at Teen Ranch and we had a fantastic Show Day! It is always satisfying to see riders from beginners to various experience levels work together as a team. And again, the parents came through with lots of help and support. Makes me very excited for future shows and getting a  full team together for next summer’s show season.
Part Board
We will have a couple of horses available for part board in September for the 4 month term. You need to be comfortable at the walk/trot and canter. Part board allows for 2 practice rides plus a lesson and quarter board is 1 practice ride and a lesson. Either way it gives you the unique opportunity to work with one horse. Please talk to the coaches or Susan for more information.
Fall registration
We are setting up the fall schedule and I wanted to give our Spring Session students and wait list people, first choice. If you haven’t done so yet, please be sure to fill out the registration link on the lesson page of the website so I know you are returning. Once we receive your deposit ($100) your spot will be confirmed. We will be opening up the schedule to new students by mid August so please don’t delay if you want to be sure to have a spot. Lessons will be starting Sunday, Sept. 3rd.
Fall Plans
We are working hard on our fall programs. Anne Gage will be back to give a course on horse ground work and animal/human psychology. We are also thinking of bringing Working Equitation classes to the school. We are definitely planning monthly clinics/seminars for everyone to join so stay tuned to our bulletin board for more information! And let us know if something appeals to you to learn about. We are always open to ideas!
 We are celebrating our 45th year of teaching riders and I am so appreciative of all of you who are sharing this milestone with me. It is all about Horse Love and I couldn’t imagine better people to share that particular joy with! Whether you are a student, a coach or a parent, you are an integral part of this great school! Many Thanks to all of you for being a part of Caledon Equestrian School.


Summer /23

Well Summer /23 is a long way from Summer/ 88. That was the summer I moved to this farm with a dream of starting a riding school. No car, just a little grey pony I bought from a neighbour with all my savings of $75!

My dream was to have a riding school that was a co-operative and inclusive facility among coaches, barn helpers, parents  and students. I wanted to focus on correct basics and establish those basics through a systematic and progressive system. I wanted an inclusive caring community for all Caledon students. To be honest, at times I wondered if it would work because people want instant gratification and cliques are the bane of the horse industry!

Look where we are and have come to! I have the best clients who appreciate a slow and steady learning process, who understand that is what creates the foundation for good riding and good horsemanship.

All my students are inclusive and are here at CES because they share the joy and love of our horses with everyone here at the farm. Just like I won’t rush students in their journey, I won’t tolerate any cliques or exclusion of our barn members. We are all here for horses and the shared community that brings. If that doesn’t suit people then we know this is not the right place for them! 

Home Show

What a great Home Show! It was just so gratifying for me to see the School in action. Everyone was positive and many helped out in all different areas – from organizing the schedule to taking entries in the entry booth. We could not run the show without everyone’s help and support and Boy did you all step up! It is like seeing my dream in action! Many thanks to everyone who made it such a success! You are all an integral part of CES and you make it what it is today. That also includes the wonderful supportive families who got here on time and cheered on their kids! I am very proud of all my riders, helpers and families!

Welcome Maddy!

Angela Iannerelli was  one of my first barn kids here at CES. She was a wonderful barn monitor and she certainly set a high bar for the rest to match! Angela started as a young kid who knew nothing, worked hard and eventually became a great coach. She now has a successful facility of her own in Angus and I am also very proud of her!

The icing on the cake is having her student, Madison Dronfield join us. Maddy worked with Angela for over 10 years – starting as a barn monitor herself and becoming a certified coach. Maddy will be running our summer camp program and teaching on weeknights during the summer.

It is very exciting to me to have a grandstudent, of sorts, join our program! And our program was also her program!

Summer Plans

Camps are in full swing, run by Maddy and Cheyenne. We have a great list of enthusiastic helpers too and that end of the summer barn sleepover is looking like it is going to be a blast! If your child is 12 or over, please contact us if they would like to volunteer in camp. We are having  a training day Sunday July 2nd and it is open to anyone who wants to help in camps.

Coaching Course

We will be holding our coaching course to develop a few new Instructors the week of July 3rd. This is the first course since 2019! I am so glad to be able to develop new coaches for the school and for the kids to have a lifelong skill to draw on. I hope you will see them in action in the fall!

Show Team

It is just so exciting to have the show team get back on its feet. We are definitely starting small but that is fine and a good prep for next year. There will be a show Prep Clinic on July 9 and one show in July and August. Anyone who wants to groom or eventually show should come to the July 9th show prep day from 7am to 2pm. We will be going to the show, taking a look and coming home to learn all about show prep.The fee will be $75 + HST. Let us know and we will be happy to have you join us! Sign up will be in the barn.


Fall registration

Please send in your registration and deposit for the fall program anytime. Please fill out the registration form on the lesson page of the website and indicate you want to start in the fall. If you are riding in the summer you do not need to re register but we do need your deposit. Please confirm with your coach that you will be continuing in September.

Moving On

Some of our coaches are moving on. I wish them the best in their future endeavors and I am confident the lessons learned at CES will help them on their journey with horses! Many thanks to all of our coaches, past and present, for sharing their knowledge with our students. 

Staying Put

Just to clarify, CES is not moving anywhere. I know there is a lot of development out there but I am pretty sure it will be many years before shovels hit the ground here. Peel focuses on developing around town centres and growing out. We are definitely far from any town centre so it will be quite a while before we even think of moving! So let’s celebrate our 45 years of a great school with many more in the future!

 It has taken me 45 years to create my dream and I thank each and every one of you for making it a reality! Even those who have come and gone over the years, have helped shape our school into what it is – by either showing us what we don’t want to become or by contributing their knowledge and helping to get us here. I especially appreciate all of you who are here now to share my dream of correct riding skills development and an inclusive horse loving community. 

Many Thanks and here’s to many more wonderful years!!
















Well I think it is safe to say Summer is here! Surely the cold threat of frost will not show its face anymore! I can’t believe my furnace was on so much in May!

But our horses are happy and that is the main thing. Better to have a slow temp change for them than an abrupt instant summer. They can be affected by weather, so slow is always better!

We have had great farm events this spring  and are busy planning more for the summer! We will be starting with camps pretty much every week of the summer, along with some exciting clinics and yes, even a small Show Team! Read on for all the info and let me know your thoughts and suggestions!

Summer Schedule

Please confirm by email, if you are planning on riding in the summer. We are doing the Summer Schedule now and want to be sure that all eligible summer riders have their spots. Please note we only offer camps to the younger walk trot riders. We have to be mindful of our horses’ work load with camp and all the other great activities we are planning. Summer lessons are by the month so you may only be available for one month. Just let us know, so we can plan the summer. Thanks very much!

Home Show

We are holding our Spring Home Show on June 25th. Information is on the bulletin board and registration is through the following link. Please be sure to put your child’s name and lesson time on the etransfer and that the payment is for the show. Payment and registration is all due by June 17th so don’t delay! It is always a really fun day and we can thank our Volunteers for their help that makes it so successful. Please watch the board and sign up to help if you can. It is the only way our farm can work – with the help and support of its members!

Coaching Course

Remember our Coaching Course is being offered to riders who are cantering and  turning 15 and older. We will offer it during the first week of camp, July 3rd to 7th. It provides the great foundation for our coaches you can easily see in all our wonderful coaches! The fee is $400 + HST.


Summer Camps are filling up! Because we don’t offer lessons to the younger walk/trot riders during the summer, I highly recommend taking a camp or two. It is easily equal to a couple of months of lessons and provides a great foundation for new riders too! If you are 12 or older, we also encourage you to sign up to help out at camps. It is a lot of fun and 3 weeks of help, allows you to come for a super fun Hay Loft Sleepover! The following link is is for camp registration:


We had a great Introduction to Working Equitation clinic in May. Tiago Cantente is a Portuguese trainer of Working Equitation so we had the best person to introduce us to this fun and exciting sport. The riders all practiced their basic skills trying new exercises in the morning and they got to apply those skills to the obstacle course in the afternoon. It was just so much fun and makes me think this might be a new direction for CES. It is all about fun and application of correct skills which you must have for Working Equitation. Stay tuned and let’s see how we can incorporate it into our program!

Plans are in the works for some more clinics this summer. Depending on the interest, I hope to have a Dressage clinic and maybe another Working Equitation clinic, part 2! Stay tuned to the bulletin board in the front of the barn.

Show Prep Clinic

July 9th we will be having a show prep clinic for anyone interested in showing or helping with the show team. It will start early and will include a trip to the show grounds. Then back to CES for lessons on show prep. If you want to be on the show team or just come and see what is involved to learn to groom, this will be a great clinic. Watch the board for Sign-up!

Show Team

We will be taking a few riders to the Teen Ranch Show on July 23rd and August 20th. It is our first time showing since Covid and we are all very excited! Sign up will also be on the board. Can’t wait!!

I am so happy to share our return to normal with all of you. We are a busy barn and it is your support and involvement that ensures our success. If you love horses and the shared community of learning about them, Caledon Equestrian School is indeed the best place to be! Many thanks for sharing our Horse Love!





Hello Everyone! Looks like Spring decided to finally get here and I think we are all very happy for its arrival! Despite the mud, which I had hoped was finished. Ugh, mud is no fun but I see the end in sight so we just have to hang in!

Lots happening this month so it is getting its own newsletter! Read on to catch up on all the fun things happening and new policies at CES this month!

May 13 is our annual Paint and Clean up Day! Our jumps have been neglected for a while so I am happy to finally have a Farm Paint Day! Please come by in your old clothes and help us paint and spruce up our jumps! Bring any old paint too in case we can use it and paint brushes ect. I am no painter but I am sure there are some talented designers out there who are creative and can paint some fun jumps for the school! Please be here for 12:30 and we should wrap up by 4:30. There might be Pizza!

May 22nd is our first big clinic since Covid. Working Equitation is historically based on bull fighting on horse back though obviously not anymore. But it does use many of the movements used in working with bulls. It is just an amazing discipline – kind of like working dressage! Tiago Cantante is a Portuguese Working Equitation trainer of Lusitanos and he has offered to come give a clinic to a max of 10 riders. There is some space still available. It is an all day clinic and open to any rider who is going at the walk, trot and canter. It is a great experience and I hope you can take advantage of it. The fee is $175 + HST and the clinic will run from 9 to 3. The morning will be semi private sessions as an intro to the sport and the afternoon will be private classes practicing on the obstacles and movements. It will start at the walk and increase the speed as the riders and coach feel comfortable to do so.

Auditors are also welcome to come watch. The auditor fee is $30 + HST and is open to everyone!

Please contact Susan to confirm your spot and attendance.

Don’t miss this experience and remember – what you put in you will get back! Supporting our clinics will only lead to more wonderful learning opportunities!

Late Payment Fee Please note that there is now a $20 late fee applied to any payment received after the 14th of the month. If there is an issue with payment, please contact Susan.

Contact # and email Change Please send any cancellation texts to 9055861422. Emails regarding scheduling can now come to me at: or you can use the Contact Us link on the website.

I want to thank-you all for keeping the gate closed so consistently. I did wake up to a loose pony one night and I was so grateful that the gates were all closed! It can happen too easily and I appreciate everyone taking care of our horses’s safety! It is just the way my dream farm runs – all of us caring for our horses, the facility and our riders! I also want to thank my great coaches and barn helpers for setting such a great example for all our students! I am blessed to share CES with all of you.

Happy Spring!





Happy Spring! It may not look like it at the moment with all the snow still here, but spring is coming! I thought it was already here in Feb w/ birds singing and no snow but heck it is Canada and this is our 4th? winter this year. So almost there!

We had a good winter here on the farm but we definitely missed all our kids and fall riders. So welcome back and let’s have a great Spring riding season ! I have a few barn keeping notes and Spring updates for all of you so read on and take note!


First, many thanks for your vigilance in keeping the gate closed! As you know my biggest nightmare is loose horses trotting down the driveway – which will never happen if we are all sure to close the gate! Even if you are just popping in to pick up your child – that can often take longer than you think, so please be sure to close the gate once you are in. Of course if someone is behind you or on their way out, leave it for the last person through to close. You never go wrong closing the gate so many thanks for keeping our horses safe! And me calm LOL!

Fee payment

Thank-you also for paying your fees on the 1st of the month. Payment is on an honor system so I should not need to chase anyone for their fees. If payment is not received by the 2nd week of the month I may have to start charging a late fee. I really don’t want to do that, so again – please pay promptly to keep things simple! Please, please be sure to write down the lesson time and student name on your etransfer, as that is how I keep track of everyone. I can’t guarantee you will get the credit if I have no idea who the payment is for.

Lesson Structure

I want to clarify how the lessons work:​ group lessons of 3 or more are 45 minutes; semi privates are 40 minutes and privates are 30 minutes. All younger kids will have both barn and riding instruction as they still have lots to learn about getting the horses ready for their riding lessons. Any beginner lessons will include barn and riding instruction. Adult and older beginners can come a bit earlier each week, based on the coach’s direction, to get ready in the barn once that skill is established. Our mandate is Safety first! If we feel a barn lesson is safer for everyone, very occasionally, we might just offer that instead of riding. It is all about horses, so I know learning about them in all capacities is our priority!


Because we do not charge for any month w/ an extra week, we apply that 5th lesson to a makeup for the session. If you don’t miss any classes then that extra class is a bonus.​ Otherwise you have that class for each session to act as the season makeup. If we have to cancel for weather, Christmas or a home show, we will reschedule the classes. But please note, we do not take any holidays off except for Christmas holidays.

Spring Show

Our Spring Show will be held on Sunday, June 25th. This is a fun home show where riders of all ages get to show the skills they have been working on during the session. The show is always a lot of fun for the participants and it is a great opportunity to ride under a little bit of friendly pressure. The focus is never on placings, just getting out, having fun and learning! It is also an opportunity to see our amazing barn in action. From barn and horse prep to running the whole show, the coaches and helpers do it all. It is not a small feat and they are all to be commended on running such a successful day every year, twice a year!


Paint Day

It is getting to that time again where we need to paint and spruce up our jumps. We had a great MacGregor’s fundraiser, well organized by Nicol, and we have some funds to get paint and maybe upgrade a couple of jumps as needed. If you do have extra paint though, we would always appreciate it. And if you are handy with hammers and nails, you are more than welcome to share your building expertise with us to create a couple of new jumps! Watch the bulletin board in front of the barn for dates!

Summer Camp

Summer camps are a go for 7 weeks of the summer. We have 2 full day camps during the first and last weeks of the summer and the rest are half days, am and pm. Camps are a great opportunity to build skills on a daily basis and the Friday show is a blast for everyone! Many of our riders take a few weeks of camp every summer and it really gives their skills a huge boost. Registration is on the camp page of our website

Summer Camp volunteering

One reason our camp program is such a huge success is because of our great helpers! Volunteering at camps gives a wonderful foundation in people skills, not to mention building a lot of confidence around horses. We take kids from 11 and up and it is a full week commitment from 8:30 to 4:30. High School volunteer hours are also given. Once the helpers have done 3 years of camp there is also some extra riding time offered. And if the helpers sign up for 3 weeks of camp, there is an awesome barn sleepover for all coaches and helpers at the end of every summer. Not to be missed! It is well worth the time and effort involved. Please watch the board for sign-up!

Show Team

We haven’t had a show team for a few years since Covid. Showing off site has been really missed and we are considering getting back into it on a slow basis. The issue now is a serious horse disease that is going around Ontario so we are not jumping right back into it. If you are a walk, trot and canter rider and beginning to jump you are eligible to join us if we do have a team this year. Please notify us if you are interested and we will see if there are a couple of shows that we can get to during the summer.

Coaching Course

Ever wonder where our coaches get their amazing teaching skills? We hold a coaching course during the first week of every summer camp. All our coaches have taken part and it has given them the solid foundation you see in action in every lesson! The hours are from 9:30 to 3:30 daily, the week of July 3rd. Students must be turning 15 this year and working on their cantering skills at a minimum. Watch the board for sign-up and let us know if you are interested.

Horse Health Policy

Because there is a highly contagious and fatal disease going around Ontario called EHV, we ask that you do not go to any other barns while you are coming to Caledon. We do not want any of our horses to get sick and if EHV ever shows up here we would have to close down until it was gone. So please, for our horses’ sake, make Caledon your one and only!

I want to thank all of you for putting our horses’ safety first from closing the gate to not exposing them to any ugly illnesses. Your care and concern reflect what we all feel here at CES – our horses come first! And because we are a facility full of horse lovers, I also want to especially thank our coaches and barn helpers for their help in keeping this environment a safe one for everyone, human and horse! We are a sum of our parts and everyone from horses, parents, riders, helpers and coaches make our school the great place we all love! Many thanks!


April 2021
Well it looks like we are going to get a nice early spring this year. I hope April finds you all well and managing in these crazy times!
Opening Guidelines
Because we value your health and safety, we have decided to stay closed for another couple of weeks or possibly a month, while we wait for the numbers to go down. We really can’t in good conscience be open and risk exposure of Covid to the staff or eachother.
Once those numbers start to go down, we will be opening in stages. We will start with independent riders over 14 so we can ensure distance and be safe. As the Covid numbers get into a safer level, and we get our vaccines, we will gradually offer lessons to independant walk trot riders and eventually new beginners.
Part Boarding
Our part boarding program is a huge success. Our riders are loving their horses and the opportunity to ride more than once a week. It is ironic that it has always been my dream to have riders ride more during the week to apply what they learn. I sure didn’t want a pandemic to make that happen! In any case, if you are a walk /trot /canter rider, we do have a couple of spaces still available. It may only be for April because I am counting on opening in May!! Contact me if you are interested.
Sadly we are postponing our Special Needs program, Pegasus until the fall. Due to the limit in numbers of people allowed on site, we can’t hold the program safely. Perhaps if the limits increase over the summer, we may offer something then, but that remains to be seen. Certainly unprecedented times.
Equine Herpes Virus
EHV1 is a terrible disease that is actually fatal to horses. We must ask that if you go to any other farms, that you do not come here too. EHV is very transmissible – sort of like Horse Covid, only way worse. So our farm is closed to anyone who goes to other barns, just for the safety and health of our horses. Thank-you for your understanding.
I am definitely hoping and expecting camps to go full on for the summer. Camps are a great chance for the kids to get back on track with all the missed riding in the past few months. We have 1/2 day camps for all 8 weeks over the summer and 2 full day camps. Please check out our website for more info. Our camps were very successful last year – all the kids were great about wearing masks and keeping distance. And a week of camp easily equals a month of lessons plus more!
New Programs
Once we do open, I am hoping to offer a couple of new programs. We are considering an intro beginner course for brand new riders to include grooming, tacking up and an intro lesson. We will also offer a horse care course for riders who are ready to part board or want to learn more about the actual care and how to keep our horses healthy. We are hoping to offer some great horsemanship clinics again. Stay tuned!

Just in case you are missing us, keep in mind the mud and the dirty ponies who love to roll in that mud, LOL! Though that is part of the appeal too, isn’t it? I do know how important our horses and school are to all of you and you are equally important to us. I look forward to the day when you can come and be safe and enjoy our farm once again. Thank-you all for your patience – every day is a day closer to getting back on our horses!

Hope to see you soon!