Birthday Parties: ARE BACK!!

Birthday parties are offered on Sunday afternoons at 2:30. We can accommodate up to 12 riders from ages 6 and up. Students will have a half hour barn lesson and a half hour riding class. The kids have a wonderful time and take home a new skill and often a new passion!

We have extra leaders per group and the birthday rider gets to demonstrate to the others how to do specific skills. The birthday rider also gets to pick their own horse or pony.

There is a lounge in which the party kids can enjoy snacks or a meal brought by the parents. Many birthday guests love their gift of a riding lesson and return for more horse education at a later time.

Birthday parties are for 6 – 12 riders.  $65 per rider + HST

$40/hr for lounge rental + HST

Birthday Party Request Form-Caledon Equestrian School 

* Birthday Parties are held from September to June. Our horses work hard in the summer so we give them the weekends off! *