Caledon News

Fall 2020

Well apparently we are actually starting the Fall session! I was still waiting for March Break to end!

It’s been a full few months and despite the crazy Covid effect, we have managed well and had our camps and lesson program running throughout. Though not close to our normal numbers, we got through the summer and are looking forward to a busy fall.

Many people have realized the outdoor activity of riding and the natural social distance it entails, makes riding the perfect and safe activity during these crazy times. Unlike camps in the city, we are mostly outside and with animals so we have lots of safe distance. By following our protocols we have made CES a sanctuary for everyone – we can escape the tension of living with Covid, and find peace with our lovely horses, staff and other horse loving peeps!

Covid Protocols

We are in constant touch with Public Health and Ontario Equestrian to ensure our protocols are current and in line with provincial guidelines. Please review the following:

  • Do NOT come if you are ill in any way, or have been in contact with anyone with Covid. Let us know immediately if there is any concern about your health.

  • If you have been travelling out of the country, let us know and we will see you after your quarantine

  • In accordance with Public Health guidelines, masks must be worn in the barn or when around coaches on horseback.

  • Social distance must be maintained whenever possible

  • We recommend you supply your own: grooming equipment, lead shank and tack cleaning equipment. We can supply some if you are just starting lessons.

  • Disinfect/ wash your hands before entering and when leaving the barn

  • Disinfect everything shared that you touch when you are finished with it – broom handles, wheelbarrow handles, equipment, door handles that you have touched

  • Only 2 people are allowed in the tack room and you must maintain correct social distance

  • Keep your distance in the barn – if a rider is leading a horse in the hallway, go into a stall

Please note we can’t provide lessons to anyone refusing to wear masks.

Be aware; Be safe; Keep your space and Disinfect!

Summer Party and Our Graduates

Sadly not only the Olympics are cancelled this summer – we will not be holding our annual party. It is the first time we won’t be getting together in 42 years.

However I would like to give a tribute to three of our lovely students who are going on to University and have been with us for many years. These young women have been wonderful contributors to our school and totally illustrate what CES is all about. Many thanks to Sarah Goddard, Kayla Morton and Sabrina Quattro. Sarah and Kayla are both fantastic coaches and have shared their horse passion with many new riders. Sabrina is always helping at camps or in the school. They all encapsulate the spirit of our school – Sharing Horse Love in a safe and supportive environment. I am hoping they will all continue here at the school between classes because we would miss them all too much otherwise!

Fall Session

We are looking forward to starting our fall session in September. It has been great to welcome many new students this summer and into our great program. If you don’t take that first lesson, you won’t know how much you will love it. So good for all of you for trying and continuing your horse education. Everyone who tries a lesson is a client and welcome. And a big thank-you for reading and adhering to our protocols!

Part Boarding

We have an excellent part boarding program. If you are starting to canter, you might be ready to part board one of our wonderful horses. You ride 3 times a week, including your lesson. Soleil and Sunny are both available for the fall. Try it – You will LOVE it!


Communication is the oil that makes families, business and horse talk run smoothly. If your child is having a problem, let us know! If your child is older , let us know so we can talk to them and help them develop life skills in communication. If you yourself have any issues, we are the ones to talk to – we can’t resolve an issue if we don’t know about it.

Many thanks! Thanks for your support, thanks for being part of our farm family and extra thanks for your openness and honesty when communicating with us. Remember that it is all about talking – whether horse or human languages, we are here to share positive dialogue. We will get though these crazy Covid times together and with gratitude to our horses and each other!