Caledon News


I think we can safely say spring is here!And the mud is even slowly drying up so we can get our horses and keep our boots on! Such luxuries on the farm 🙂

It is wonderful to have so many riders returning and I also want to welcome our new riders. I hope you all love and enjoy CES as much as the rest of us ‘oldies’ do. Please feel free to ask any questions if you need to. We are all happy to help!


It is with a heavy heart for all of us that we had to say goodbye to Odyssey. He was the farm’s heart horse and particularly for our wonderful coach, Nicole. We were very lucky to know such a kind and loving horse and to have him with us for so many years. He will be missed by everyone. Just remember to give our horses lots of love and hugs. And know that Odyssey is always with us in our hearts.

Show Team

Our 2017 show team is coming together. We have 7 excited and keen riders. The season starts June 5th and every other weekend after that. Make sure you set aside some time on Sundays to come and cheer the team on. And we always appreciate a groom or two as well!! Talk to Susan, Nicole or Francesca to come and join the fun!

Summer Camps

We are gearing up for a packed summer full of camps and new riders! The counsellor and counsellor in training list will be up any day so be sure to book your spot. If you are around 12 you can be a counsellor in training if you take the camp as well. Talk to Susan if you are interested.

Coaching Course

The coaching course starts July 3rd for the week. As long as you are turning 15 this year and are going walk, trot and canter you are welcome to join us. It runs daily during camp and the rest of the summer camps provide lots of apprentice time. Camp is THE place to learn to teach so come and take advantage of this opportunity! See Susan for registration forms. Don’t forget all of CES’s amazing coaches have done this course and they are proof of how great it is!

Connecting with Horses

Our course with Anne Gage was a big success. It ran for 6 weeks and all the students learned a lot about horse behaviour and horse and human communication. There are more courses coming up – talk to Susan if anything is particular appeals to you and we will see what we can set up.

Spring Show

Our Spring/end of season horse show will be held on June 11. It is a wonderful time to get together and see the progress of all our riders. Remember it is a fund raising event so bring your appetites to our bar b q too!

Pegasus Program

The Pegasus program is in its final month for the spring. What a great session – lots of new and keen volunteers. We could not have Pegasus without our volunteers so many many thanks to all of you for being such reliable and wonderful helpers! We will continue to offer evening lessons in June so don’t go too far away!

It is such a blessing to have all of you here at Caledon with me – I feel so lucky to share the good times and know we are all together in the bad times. With time, the good times will shine brighter than ever!