Caledon News

Winter /19

Well I guess no one will argue that winter is here. Not sure what happened to fall which used to last mostly until December. Not so much this year – frozen ground has replaced the mud! And the snow has arrived to fill in all those holes.

We had a busy December with our semi annual winter show and a Horsemanship clinic on Dec 30th. We have had some very interesting clinics this fall and it has been great to share horse knowledge with keen and interested people.

New Certified Coaches

I am extremely proud to tell you about our newly certified Instructors. Nicole, Francesca, Sami and Janelle all passed the Instructor exam. And not only did they pass, they scored the highest marks since the last time the examiner was here 10 years ago! The examiner was very impressed with the girls’ coaching skills and complimented all of us on the professionalism and efficiency of our barn. High praise but well earned by these wonderful coaches and our great helpers. And certainly proof that our program is solid and successful!

Show Team

We had our annual show team banquet and I want to congratulate our team for their solid placings at the show series this year. All the riders placed in the top 8 with Sami Brooks winning the Championship in Hunter and Janelle Clark catching the Reserve championships. All our riders were in the top 8! Congrats to everyone for doing so well. I have to say I am especially proud of the team’s great attitude and sportsmanship. They are simply the best!

If you are ready to start jumping by May, you can join our team! Talk to the coaches and let us know – it is really a wonderful opportunity!


We have had some great clinics this past season. A games clinic for our coaches and monitors, taught everyone how to ride in mounted games. We mainly did them at the walk which was enough of a challenge! We also had Leslie Kennedy in for a dressage clinic – lots of fun and everyone got so much out of it. We had a Harmony Horsemanship clinic where the participants learned how to engage and connect with our horses.

Lots of learning opportunity which is what we are all about! Stay tuned to the board for plans for winter & spring clinics. One fun winter event is an indoor video day. We get together and eat great food and watch horse movies 🙂 Stay tuned for the date!

Friend Day

Don’t forget our Xmas Friend Day on Feb 17. Everyone received a gift certificate for a free lesson for a friend. There will be a sign up sheet in the barn and the friend or their parent must call 1 week before to book their spot. It usually runs from 12 to 3 so be sure to bring your friend!

Winter Survival Tips

Winter is the time we really find the serious horse peeps! It is a challenge but well worth the effort if you prepare for the temperature. Wear lots of layers; hot shots in your gloves and boots; head band under your helmet; and long johns of course 🙂 You can wear warm winter boots in the barn and switch to your riding boots just for riding. If you dress for the weather there is no problem with winter riding. Just have to do it!!

Once again many thanks to all my hardy riders, barn helpers and coaches. Not to forget the wonderful supportive parents! You are all amazing and I am so blessed to share this great farm with all of you!