Caledon News


Welcome back to all the returning students and Welcome to CES to our new riders! I have to say you are joining a pretty wonderful facility with lots of great horse lovers, as well as their supportive and lovely parents!

It was a hot summer and fall has continued to be muggy. But boy was it a fast season! Seems like we are just getting ready for camps and Pow! School is back on! Though no complaints when school means riding school of course 😉

We had a fantastic summer with packed camps under Sami’s expert direction. The horses, coaches and counsellors all worked hard but the work paid off in many happy new horse people. You have to hand it to the counsellors and coaches – they really opened the barn door for these kids, who may have never even seen a horse! Well done and thank-you for making that introduction so much fun and so safe!

Show Team

We had a super show season with our team. They did so well and learned so much by showing our horses Thor, Cira and Mira. We had a few Champion and Reserve Champion show days but what was really exciting was the attitude of these riders. Always supportive, always willing to learn and applying their skills from their lessons. Makes me really proud to have these riders in our school – as coaches, monitors and simply wonderful CES members.

CES Policy Review

Please remember to be here a half hour before your lesson once you can groom and tack up your horse independently. Arriving late will take away your lesson time so be sure you give yourselves lots of time to prepare. Also you will stay for a half hour after to put your horse away. If your horse works in the next class, you are still expected to help in the barn with your fellow students to sweep, tidy and leave the barn and the equipment as you would like to find it. That includes picking up any

manure your horse leaves in the stalls or grooming areas.

CES Team

I want to introduce you to our new barn monitors this fall. We have a smoking team! Andrea is back working for us on Tuesday evenings, Ebony is here for Wed., Cheyenne is working on Thursday; Emma has switched from Sunday to Saturday aft. (she will be missed by our Sunday riders); and Caitlyn is starting Sunday mornings. These kids are truly important to the school as they run the barn and will keep things running smoothly. Welcome and a big thankyou to all of you!

Pegasus Program

Pegasus is going full steam ahead. Sundays are full with many Special Needs riders. And we have a busy Thursday as well, between 5 and 7 pm. Such an inspiring program with wonderful kids and especially wonderful volunteers. Again – we could not run the program without our helpers. If you are interested in volunteering, you don’t even need horse experience. The door is always open!

Fall Clinics

We are planning another busy fall. We are hoping to have a Mounted Games clinic with an International player. I am also looking at a Dressage Clinic and a Rider Level and Jumping clinic. These clinics will be held on Friday evenings.

On Sunday afternoons we will be offering a Natural Horsemanship clinic to learn how to be sympathetic and sensitive to to our horses. We will also be holding a demonstration of a really interesting Equine therapy system. Keep your eye on the bulletin board so you don’t miss anything.

Well it has been a wonderful 40th Anniversary Year. Our summer celebration was a blast and there’s no reason to stop celebrating, is there? Great horses! Great people and an especially great place to share it all. Thank-you all for being a part of it!