Caledon News

April 2021
Well it looks like we are going to get a nice early spring this year. I hope April finds you all well and managing in these crazy times!
Opening Guidelines
Because we value your health and safety, we have decided to stay closed for another couple of weeks or possibly a month, while we wait for the numbers to go down. We really can’t in good conscience be open and risk exposure of Covid to the staff or eachother.
Once those numbers start to go down, we will be opening in stages. We will start with independent riders over 14 so we can ensure distance and be safe. As the Covid numbers get into a safer level, and we get our vaccines, we will gradually offer lessons to independant walk trot riders and eventually new beginners.
Part Boarding
Our part boarding program is a huge success. Our riders are loving their horses and the opportunity to ride more than once a week. It is ironic that it has always been my dream to have riders ride more during the week to apply what they learn. I sure didn’t want a pandemic to make that happen! In any case, if you are a walk /trot /canter rider, we do have a couple of spaces still available. It may only be for April because I am counting on opening in May!! Contact me if you are interested.
Sadly we are postponing our Special Needs program, Pegasus until the fall. Due to the limit in numbers of people allowed on site, we can’t hold the program safely. Perhaps if the limits increase over the summer, we may offer something then, but that remains to be seen. Certainly unprecedented times.
Equine Herpes Virus
EHV1 is a terrible disease that is actually fatal to horses. We must ask that if you go to any other farms, that you do not come here too. EHV is very transmissible – sort of like Horse Covid, only way worse. So our farm is closed to anyone who goes to other barns, just for the safety and health of our horses. Thank-you for your understanding.
I am definitely hoping and expecting camps to go full on for the summer. Camps are a great chance for the kids to get back on track with all the missed riding in the past few months. We have 1/2 day camps for all 8 weeks over the summer and 2 full day camps. Please check out our website for more info. Our camps were very successful last year – all the kids were great about wearing masks and keeping distance. And a week of camp easily equals a month of lessons plus more!
New Programs
Once we do open, I am hoping to offer a couple of new programs. We are considering an intro beginner course for brand new riders to include grooming, tacking up and an intro lesson. We will also offer a horse care course for riders who are ready to part board or want to learn more about the actual care and how to keep our horses healthy. We are hoping to offer some great horsemanship clinics again. Stay tuned!

Just in case you are missing us, keep in mind the mud and the dirty ponies who love to roll in that mud, LOL! Though that is part of the appeal too, isn’t it? I do know how important our horses and school are to all of you and you are equally important to us. I look forward to the day when you can come and be safe and enjoy our farm once again. Thank-you all for your patience – every day is a day closer to getting back on our horses!

Hope to see you soon!


Covid Protocols

We are in constant touch with Public Health and Ontario Equestrian to ensure our protocols are current and in line with provincial guidelines. Please review the following:

  • Do NOT come if you are ill in any way, or have been in contact with anyone with Covid. Let us know immediately if there is any concern about your health.

  • If you have been travelling out of the country, let us know and we will see you after your quarantine

  • In accordance with Public Health guidelines, masks must be worn in the barn or when around coaches on horseback.

  • Social distance must be maintained whenever possible

  • We recommend you supply your own: grooming equipment, lead shank and tack cleaning equipment. We can supply some if you are just starting lessons.

  • Disinfect/ wash your hands before entering and when leaving the barn

  • Disinfect everything shared that you touch when you are finished with it – broom handles, wheelbarrow handles, equipment, door handles that you have touched

  • Only 2 people are allowed in the tack room and you must maintain correct social distance

  • Keep your distance in the barn – if a rider is leading a horse in the hallway, go into a stall

Be aware; Be safe; Keep your space and Disinfect!