BOOTS: 1/4 inch heel – no flat soles!

HELMET: We supply one for the first month

Dress for the weather!

Winter – Wear Layers!

  • long johns
  • scarf /turtle neck
  • a warm vest
  •  head band or toque
  • hot shots!

Correct dress

= comfort & safety

= great start to learning!


After your intro lessons, arrive at the barn 1/2 hour before class to prep and stay 1/2 hour after to finish up.

Work together! 

leave the barn and tack as you want to find it.

Riding Lessons at Caledon Equestrian

Weekly lessons are geared to the safe progressive development of the rider. Coaches use the national Rider Level Program which establishes safe, correct and consistent skills at all levels. We offer Rider Testing at the end of the Spring session.

Lessons are available in groups, with a maximum of six riders per class with extra coaches and helpers for beginners; semi-private and private instruction. The cost stays the same for every type of class but the length will vary depending on the size of the class.

Caledon Equestrian School produces solid, effective and polished riders. We develop skills slowly but consistently. Our riders ride well but become horse people first. Sympathetic communication with our wonderful animals is paramount and that respect is instilled in the students in every riding lesson.


*HST not included*

SINGLE MONTH FEE: $215 +HST =$240/month

SESSION FEE: (Post dated cheques or pre-paid only)
$190 + HST = $215/per month per session:

Spring session – March, April, May and June

Fall session – September, October, November and December

Summer session – (July and August)
(can be paid as individual months)

Winter session – January and February
(can be paid as individual months)

Lesson Structure:

  • Group (3-6 students): 1 hour lesson
  • Semi-private: 45 minute lesson
  • Private: 1/2 hour lesson

One make-up per session is applied to the month with a 5th week

Other Costs:

  • Second family member or second lesson – $175
  • Extra lessons after the first four – $50 each
  • Single lesson: $60
  • Practice Rides (Rider 3 and higher): $45/hr.

                         Please add HST

A horse show is held at the end of each session – a minimum $50 show fee will apply.

We also offer National Rider Level testing.

Under 18 Release Form (PDF)

Over 18 Release Form (PDF)