Our Coaches

Caledon Equestrian School has many wonderful coaches. All of our coaches started with us youngsters from the ages of  8 or 10 years old. Growing up in a safe and structured program has given our coaches a solid base from which they have developed a clear understanding of our system. All our coaches also took part in our coaching program which includes an intensive training course and a one year apprenticeship. There is no doubt that these young women are a huge part of Caledon Equestrian School’s success. They totally reflect our joy and passion for horses and they especially love the opportunity to share that passion with so many new and developing riders.

So let’s meet these wonderful and caring coaches!

Our Senior Coaches:

Nicole Perrotta

Nicole is one of our head coaches and contributes so much to CES. Her enthusiasm and joy in teaching is contagious and her love of coaching shines over all her students! Nicole sets up many activities at the school and has numerous committees consisting of kids with great ideas and input. Nicole was on the CES show team for many years and now she is the Show Team Manager. Nicole also has developed great coaching skills with the special needs riders in our Pegasus Program. I would say that Kali owns Nicole and they are working on a wonderful partnership.

Francesca Bruno

Francesca started at CES many years ago. She rode once a week and quickly realized she wanted to work with animals and children. Francesca works part time at CARD and is a big part of our Pegasus Program. She teaches all age of riders in the school and obviously loves what she does! Syngita and Francesca are an item and they work together a few times a week.

Sabrina DiPaolo

Sabrina started with us a very young girl. She has been a major part of the school and has developed many adult riders from brand new beginners to solid walk trot and canter riders. Sabrina was also on the show team and the school has really benefited from her competent and thorough teaching skills. Her concise and clear teaching method is well loved by all her students.

Our Coaches:

Sami Brooks

Sami is one of our regular coaches. She manages our camps every summer and does a wonderful job sharing our love of horses with our campers. Sami is one of our senior show team members and helps Nicole manage the team. She sets a great example for her students and loves to share her empathy and joy of the horse with all her kids. Sami volunteers with the Pegasus Program by running the barn and helping in the arena.

Alanna Gibney

Alanna has been a show team member for many years and brings a fun and a great ‘can do’ attitude to the school. Alanna works with all ages of riders in the lesson and camp programs and also volunteers with the Pegasus kids. She doesn’t miss a thing with her students in the arena and they love it!

Janelle Clark

Janelle is one of our younger coaches but her effort and contribution has been around for quite a few years. Janelle has been on the show team, volunteers with the Pegasus program and loves teaching young kids in the lessons and camps. We love Janelle’s laughter and the joy she brings to the school.

Patricia Epsin-Jurado

Patricia is one of our newer regular coaches and she runs the Saturday afternoon lessons. Patricia is a very thorough and caring coach and loves to share what she knows with all her students. Patrica also worked with the YMCA camp program and helped make their horse experience such a joyful and educated one.